There is a lot more to developing a great website than simply deciding that you want one.  We want your web presence to be spectacular, so, if you think you’re ready to get started on your new website, here are some things to consider.  If you can answer all of these questions and provide the necessary information then you’re likely ready to take the next step.

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  • If you currently have a registered domain name, what is the URL?
  • Do you have a new domain name in mind for your website?
  • Do you plan on hosting your site with Above the Circle?
  • Do you want a personal or business site?
  • Have you determined your website budget?
  • What is your company/organization’s name?
  • Do you have logos, graphics or specific colors you want to incorporate into your website?
  • Do you have existing business cards or other printed materials your website needs to match?
  • Why do you want/need a new website?
  • Who is your intended audience?
  • Do you intend to provide a call to action, i.e. phone call, submit a form, make a sale, etc.?
  • Who is your ideal client?
  • What do you want your website to do for you? (provide information, increase sales, collect information, etc.)
  • What do you expect will draw clients to your website? How do you plan to market your website?
  • What separates you from your competition?
  • What attributes do you want to emphasize?
  • Do you have a slogan or tagline?
  • Do you have copy text for any of your web pages?
  • What keywords do you expect your prospective visitors will use in search engines to find you?
  • If you will have photos on your site, do you have ownership/copyright of them?
  • What websites do you particularly like?
  • What do you like about them?
  • What websites do you particularly dislike:
  • What do you dislike about them?

Were you able to answer all the above questions?  Your next step would be to complete our Design & Development Questionnaire and submit it to us for a proposal.